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The Blogs are Back in Town

Vinyl record sales are up, cellphones are folding again, and people, including myself, are shooting photographs on film again. It's only a matter of time before blogs make their return to our screens. I would like for this blog to be an information resource of sorts; like talking to the kid who actually read the summer reading book to fill you in on the plot as you both walked in to take the first test of the school year.

Use this place to collect all the photo & video shortcuts I wish I had gotten when I was learning. A place to see behind the scenes of the things I am currently making. A place to hear from other voices as well, from outdoor enthusiasts, music lovers, and more.

Welcome to the Blog. I'm very excited to have you here!

P.S. I would like to keep this site ad-free, so please share this site and use the donation button to support your favorite content.

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